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How Does Physical Therapy work with Worker's Compensation?

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Due to the escalating costs of work-related injuries, employers, health care providers, and insurers are searching for cost-effective methods of treating injured employees. At Busybody Physical Therapy, we believe early physical therapy intervention with an emphasis on function restoration is one of the most effective ways to approach work-related injuries.

Our rehabilitation program is individually tailored to each patient and includes strengthening, pain relief modalities, patient education, a progressive and carefully monitored exercise program, and consistent communication with the referring physician.

To achieve the most optimal outcomes, Physical Therapists must be trained at the highest level of orthopedic evaluation to provide an accurate assessment of an injured worker’s impairment. This assessment allows Busybody’s therapists to design the most specific

treatment program for the injured worker, which optimizes functional recovery, decreases utilization and reduces case duration. It also gives the Busybody's therapist the advantage when assessing patient compliance, presentation and consistency of effort.

Call us today to schedule your worker's compensation evaluation at 832-584-9657 or email us at

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